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Cause and Effect

on August 30, 2015

Date of Original Idea: just now!

The recent “rise in shark attacks” can be explained in the same was as the semi-recent increase, but thankfully more-recent decrease, in sightings of Real Housewife wanna-be’s around town: there was alot of attention on “Real Housewives”, for shocking-can’t-look-away reasons, which made all sorts of people think it was fashionable. The decade long obsession with Shark Week activities have encouraged sharks looking for their 15 minutes of fame to also appear. Once we stopped looking at the real housewives, they went away. Stop watching all those shows people, lives are depending on it. It’s like Donald Trump, if you don’t pay him any attention, he’ll just go away.

I may be assuming more about the sharks’ access to basic cable than is really there, but you know I’m right about the Donald.

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