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Greek Olympics 4evar!

on August 22, 2015

Date of Original Idea: Oh, a while ago when I learned how much cities spend on hosting the olympic games, but also after seeing some news about one of the Greek bailouts. (but I just finally typed it up for a comment somewhere else out in the internets and thought to leave it here)

Find a nice chunk of land in Greece and sell it to the international olympic committee for, mmm, say, 70 Billion Euro. IOC can build a bunch of stadiums, hotels, and other venues, plus some transportation connections, and ring it with security and whatnot, and every 4 years hold the olympics there. After 2 or 3 olympic games it will have paid for itself- the savings going to the cities that would have spent on hosting the games, it would allow the IOC to do their security thing without imposing on residents of some innocent city, and it would provide Greece with a nice one-time boost and an every-four-year tourism boost.

Win, win, win!

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