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on June 14, 2015

Date of Original Idea: June 10, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles (PAV), or maybe Post-Apocalyptic Crossovers (PAX). The SUV for the post-apocalyptic world. This is the next vehicle class that will be popular with huge dealer markups possible. Think Mad Max with a windshield. The cars have all sorts of features that will help it after the polar shift rips our world asunder: diesel engines that will run on anything, chicken wire over the quote/unquote windows, mounts for various weapons, harpoons, and winches. The most popular package is the “Drive it now” package which offers all the necessary bits (exhaust systems, air bags, etc…) that are required to be street legal today, but can be easily popped off when the time comes to make your own legal.

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