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Temperature logging and displaying

Not really an “idea”, more of a project.


Initially an Atmel Mega8 (A) was connected to a couple sensors forever ago. It sits on my desk periodically sending temperature and RH info over a Lantronix XPort (B) to this web server, where a Perl script logs the data and updates this graph (which as of this update is not working cause the stuff is in a box):

An overview looks something like this, and was initaly, roughly, documented here.
OverviewDrawing A

Lately it was updated with a new RH sensor (the old one simply died), a new compiler for the Atmel work, and simultaneously the Arduino Yun (D) became available. In the interest of a project to learn the Yun it was programmed to, over wireless, request the most recent uploaded data at the web server, parse it, and display the temperature in the room on a 2×16 LCD display (the same used in the vending machine project).
OverviewDrawing B

Overall I’m very pleased with how much roundabout-ness is involved to get the temperature, which is measured a mere 15 cm to the left, displayed. The sharing of the router is due to the fact that I have only one, but I could just as easily locate the Yun project where ever else in the world, should anyone want to know the temperature and RH of my typing environment.

Oh, and the Arduino Uno (E) which is also pictured is not doing anything at all.

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