or sometimes just a passing thought.

Energy Conversion Card Game

Date of original idea: Aug 1, 2012
but just found in the “drafts” folder.

A card game that is based in energy conversion methods. ¬†Goal is to maximize profitability while minimizing CO2 emissions. ¬†Cards have sources (coal, oil, sun, wind), storage (chemical: hydrocarbon, electrochemical, or kenetic or ?), energy releasing steps (burning, catalyzing), electric generation,… and end uses (buildings, cars, planes, ships, …).

but what’s the next step here….

goal is to illustrate the many paths, educate that there is no one solution but minimizing end uses should be the target, and that costs are based on balance.

Needs more thought, but it seems pretty ripe.

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Puzzling Puzzles

Date of Original Idea: Mar 21 but I had to wait a few days to post.

More to the idea of Jan 24.
1) a box filled with two different puzzles
2) a box filled with two different puzzles that are the same picture but cut with a different pattern

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1000 Piece Puzzles with 1200 Pieces

Date of Original Idea: Jan 24, 2013

Puzzles with extra pieces. Should be easy for a puzzle manufacturer to take one puzzle and throw 1/5 of its pieces into each of 5 other puzzles (same or different picture, doesn’t matter). Then you have the extra challenge of trying to find a place for an eye here or an extra leaf there. It should only increase the price of the puzzle in the 120% range, but you could easily charge 122 or 124% of the normal puzzle.

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Date of Original Idea: Jan 23, 2013

A pinata that get’s opened up by the kids, one-by-one, attaching firecrackers to the side and being exploded. The pinata might have to be constructed differently to make it last more than 2 or 3 pops, and of course a rule that the next fire cracker has to be some minimum distance away from the last one. And of course you’re going to have to get your neighbor’s buy-in, cause that’s going to be annoying.

Of course you’d need to get a responsible adult to do the lighting. And any adult that would allow this is not going to easily fit into the “responsible” category.

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