or sometimes just a passing thought.

Party Phone 2000

Date of Original Idea: Yesterday

A smart phone app that simulates the party phone of yesteryear. You pick up to dial and there is already a conversation going on. Or you’re chatting with a friend when Ms. Kravince picks up and tells you she needs to call Alan before he leaves work.

It would be best if it randomly assigned the groups of each party, and it changed every so often. You can sell it parallel under “random connection failure” type apps as well.

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Direct Methane Fuel Cell in a Fanny Pack

Date of Original Idea: Sept 3, 2014

Power your cell phone with a direct methaNE fuel cell hanging on your belt in the middle of your back. The methane side left open to the atmosphere. When the charge gets low, you just head off to Arbys.

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They won’t know any better: part 2

Date of original idea: yesterday

For your elderly family members who are losing track of what has and has not really happened: a service whereby someone calls them up and chats with them about some awesome adventure in the past as if they were really there. war stories, political victories, race car action, first man on the moon, etc…

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They won’t know any better

Date of Original Idea: Today

Wall decals that look like a classy nursing home, but will fit on the walls of a “budget” nursing home. Take advantage of the senility setting in and save some cash.

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Second Hand Smoke Alarm

This is an idea for a very annoying alarm to alert people to the presence of second hand smoke.  Comes with earplugs for the user.

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Google Glass Application – Electronics Lab

Idea for an application that overlays the output of a small handheld probe via blue-tooth (scope, dvm, temperature etc…).

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1000 Piece Puzzles with 1200 Pieces

Date of Original Idea: Jan 24, 2013

Puzzles with extra pieces. Should be easy for a puzzle manufacturer to take one puzzle and throw 1/5 of its pieces into each of 5 other puzzles (same or different picture, doesn’t matter). Then you have the extra challenge of trying to find a place for an eye here or an extra leaf there. It should only increase the price of the puzzle in the 120% range, but you could easily charge 122 or 124% of the normal puzzle.

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Spaghetti Ö’s

Date of Original Idea: July 30, 2012

Regular Spaghetti O’s plus some risotto.

pronounced “spaa – geeh- T – oue’s”

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