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Package Opening Security Robot

Date of Original Idea: Dec 23, 2010

In regards to this story.

A series of machines that will open packages for you.  It will handle the package with care while at the same time containing any possible detonation.  Maybe even an option to check for chemical or bio agents. Then when the package is opened, the contents and packing material can be retrieved and the next package loaded for opening.

Different sizes for different packages
Different styles for loading (the delivery guy loads them into a hopper or you do it yourself on the cheaper models)
Outdoor or indoor options
Fully contained for chem and bio agents, or just blast walls for other concerns.
Different protection levels for containing different levels of explosions.

Laser position scanner
Some sort of device that can rotate the package to the correct position, like from baggage handling or pop bottle return sorting machines.
and a box cutter on a 2 axis placement machine.
and one of you need to be head of homeland security for awhile to make sure these become required.

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