or sometimes just a passing thought.

Second Hand Smoke Alarm

This is an idea for a very annoying alarm to alert people to the presence of second hand smoke.  Comes with earplugs for the user.

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Truly invisible and functional finger bandage

Date of Original Idea: Dec 2010

I recently had a cut on my finger that required a bandage to be wrapped around the tip of it.  It was awkward to type with and frequently got mangled by day-to-day stuff.  What I wanted was a full finger sized bandage, something like two half shells of bandage that form fit around my finger, flexing at the right places of course.  Then it would be intact and not have any little edges around the tip to catch on things.  It would have to come in different colors for different skin tones, or some people would look like they had some weird finger disease.  I suppose it would also have to be specific for each finger and person.  Maybe a sizing device at the store that you stuck your finger into to get a reading.

Come to think of it, really too much trouble.  Bandages work just fine.

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Wearable Stress Monitor

Date of Original Idea:  Dec, 2010 sounds good.

Working off the Feb 13 entry, why not also measure stress?  Can that be done without drawing blood?  Is there something electrical or a combination of blood pressure and jaw tightness that can be combined into a stress measurement.  There are certainly physical symptoms of mental stress, so those must be measurable somehow.  Can it be measurable in a strap-it-on=and-look-at-your watch way like is done with heart rate monitoring?

This would be useful for running, racing, driving, working, and dealing with the kids.

Oh, a quick google search says that this is not a new idea.  I wonder if any of these things work.  One clips on your earlobe, which I would think cannot be both secure and comfortable during exercise.

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Wearable Blood O2 Sensor

Date of Original Idea:  A few years ago.

This is another idea for an idea, but maybe I can get two out of it.  One general idea now and later an idea of how to realize it.  Maybe this is the way.

For exercise there are heartrate monitors that give a good estimation of how hard the body is working, but if you want to know when you go off the cliff of aerobic (or is in anaerobic?) having an blood O2 monitor might be helpful.  They have them in hospitals that just clip on your finger and use a light sensor and get a 0…100% measurement of the O2 in your blood.  If there was a way to get it to be more firmly affixed and have the accuracy to measure the blood O2 level, that’d rock.

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