or sometimes just a passing thought.

Powertrain Fun

If you boil it down, the fun one can have with a car depends mostly on your transmission. Electric, gasoline, doesn’t matter, it’s that torque ratio and your ability to control it.

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Vested Interests

Date of Original Idea Thought: Today

Self driving cars will never be the mainstream. There are too many vested interests that stand to loose alot of money if cars drove flawlessly and avoided accidents. Many many lawyers will be out of a job cash stream.

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The Not-Paying-Attention Lane

Date of Original Idea: long long ago. Really started thinking about it again since moving to SE-Michigan

I’ve noticed this in many areas and many countries, some are worst than others (SE-Michigan) and some are much much better (Germany, I think I’ve only seen cars with foreign plates do this). When cars get on the freeway. highway, interstate, autobahn, what-have-you, they typically go immediately to the second lane from the left (or from the right if you are in right-hand-drive countries). Little to no pause, just merge right over directly from the on-ramp often without looking as if it was proper driving.

I call this lane the Not-Paying-Attention Lane. It doesn’t matter how many lanes are in the road, it’s the second from the left as if the driver thinks that they’re a looser if they are in the “slow lanes” but a jerk to be in the “fast lane”.

I don’t know what to do about it, but the problem seems to be at epidemic levels.

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Thinking Along the Same Rut

Because of the theory of multiples, I’m going to assume that the triple tube was made independently from this idea I published on Sept 9, 2012. Ok, it’s a little different, they are using a pump and I’m envisioning automatic gas distribution that would happen by different weight distribution over the tire.

Plus they’re using “rice-husk ash” instead of my pudding concept.

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Land, on-train, speed record

Date of original idea: last week

What’s faster than a fast car? A fast car driving on a fast train. One very very very long straight train track. One ridiculously long train, say 5 miles long, covered to keep wind out of the equation (some fancy aerodynamics would be needed to suck the air from the tunnel as opposed to having the car compress it), and one very fast car.

Get the train up to speed, say 300 kph (something over 180 mph) then start driving the car up to 300+ kph and volia! very fast car.

let’s just look online… and, …..huh….. apparently this still would not be so impressive, especially given the way the record is measured . The internet is just one big source of disappointment isn’t it?

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Date of Original Idea: few months ago, I sat on this one awhile

The commute getting you down?
Stop, go, honk, stop, go honk?
Have to zig-zag all over town and traffic, when the crow can fly straight there?

Well make like a crow and dial Drone2Work. Clip on your easy Clip-On-Harness, grab your briefcase, and wait on your front lawn. The drone will appear at the scheduled time, hook on to your harness, and lift off! Ready to come home? Just put the harness back on and head outside. Our handy web interface and optional app lets you change schedules or plans (subject to drone availability). With a 30 minute flight time at full load, it can take you home or not to home, if you get our drift.

Act now and we’ll include more apps! It has to be good, we have an app for it!

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3-Zone Tires

Date of Original Idea_ July 31, 2012

Tires with 3 inflateable zones to adjust for corning or straight driving.  Useful on motorcylces?  Can make center zone flater to make the whole thing to go straight or inflate the center zone to make cornering smoother.  two other zones could be connected by communicative tubes to really just be one (would air flowing through the tubes to the other side  during turns be a good or bad thing? ).  Issue would also arise around the sides pressing into the under-inflated center.   Maybe a new tire technology is necessary, non air based.  Foam or pudding or something thicker but pumpable.


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USB Rechargeable Electric Car

Date of Original Idea: Today

The title says it all.  Instead of bulky cables and inconvienent locations, you can just plug your car into your laptop with a nice slim cable.  Sure it might take longer to charge, but if you put the charging cable in the cabin of the car you could charge while you’re driving.  You wouldn’t have to stop until the laptop battery was also dead. Of course, there are power limitations on the amount of current through a USB connection so you might need to have more than one cable.  And laptop batteries are small so maybe more than one laptop.  I envision a cable that plugs into the car on one side with a hole bunch of USB connectors on the other side.  Then a trailer full of laptops if need be.

It probably won’t not work well, but the photos of the prototype and the stories of the manager who wanted it made would be priceless.

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Secure Warmth

Date of Original Idea:  Today

Electrically heated seatbelts.  Like heated seats, but in front of you too.  Bands of warmth.

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Land-Based GPS

Date of Original Idea: Feb 3, 2003 (really! I found an old note)

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for land-based GPS points?  Some cel phones already use cel-towers to do some triangulation.  So with some added sophistication in the signal sent by the towers the cost of launching a new satellite every few years could be avoided (GPS satellites have only a few years of life in them before they are burnt-up in the atmosphere and replaced).

I suppose it wouldn’t work well in the oceans.  And if you need to have satellites wizzing around for the ocean coverage you might as well use them for land.  But what if there were really powerful shore based transmitters?  Like so powerful people that cancer clusters developed in the side-bands of these towers, miles and miles of clusters.  Would it work?

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