or sometimes just a passing thought.

Tomorrow’s Tomorrowland

Date of Original Idea: Today

I woke up with the title of this post in my head, I like it, I don’t know exactly what to do with it.

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History repeats?

Date of Original Idea: July 22, 2015

Elon Musk is the Thomas Edison of our day.

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Defensive Publication

Date of Original Idea: July 31, 2012
just found in the drafts folder. No idea why I didn’t publish then, I also can’t figure out why I thought this might be novel, although a quick search says it just might be.

Need a way of defensive publications for intellectual property.  There are “journals” that publish this type of stuff, sometimes anonymously, so that a company who lacks the will or resources to patent and/or defend an idea can make it public to prevent others from protecting the idea.  They must already be moving online with this, all that is really needed is a way of confirming the date (I can type anything I like into the “published” date here, so that’s not going to hold up).  If there were more than one place to do it, that would help keep people honest too.  It doesn’t have to check that the idea is protected, or check that it is protected, just a service that goes through the trouble of documenting the idea and the date.  scribd with a .pdf of a blog post would probably work too.

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Towards another idea

Date of Original Idea: Today/Last Night

Ok, this feels like a cop-out but my idea is to get an idea for recording those ideas that I have in the middle of the night or morning.  When, just after coming through a vivid dream, I’m grudgingly awake with some terrific idea or even crafted sentences for a story.  I convince myself that I’ll remember this since it’s so good and drift off again.  Then later I’m left with some vague memories about a gorilla as a attorney and just how bad off you’d have to be to see that as better than representing yourself.  I even had a title for that, but it’s gone.  So my idea is like an improved and automated alternative to paper and pencil at the bedside table, because that just doesn’t work for me.

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