or sometimes just a passing thought.

Wendys In Space

Date of Original Idea: Jan 5, 2004 (I just came across these letters)

Excuse the formatting, spelling, and grammar, that was part of the “Terry Experience”.

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De-ruption consulting agency

Date of Original Idea: Yesterday

not non-distruption, de-disruption.

So you have all these “disruptors” like Elon Musk or whomever. They’re great at coming in, making bold moves, and the ones that get lucky with a pay off are hailed as our superiors and a testament to the disruption concept. (you never hear from the ones that failed, that’s called “survivorship bias” and there’s a wiki page on it, but I digress)

Great, now what? You can’t sustain a company long on free cereal in the cafeteria and promises of upcoming profitable years. You need someone to come in and build some cubical walls. There is a need to document what’s supposed to be built so that the expensive engineers don’t have to be hand building everything. Someone needs to start processes that allow the company to scale, and someone has to hire non-excited staff to do the day-to-day work and take the place of the heard of cats that is itching to move on to the “next big thing”. In effect, you need someone to un-disrupt the situation, to take this new paradigm and make it the norm. A task such as this requires people with an understanding of great misguided vision to the extent that it exhausts them now-a-days.

The idea itself will constantly disrupt the disruption business, so a company offering this consulting service would itself need an internal department to continuously un-disrupt this company.

Or is it “Deruption”? I better trademark both those words.

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Robot Temp Agency

This is an idea for a labor services provider that places robot workers instead of people in repetitive manual labor jobs.
Recent technological advances in robotics has made automation of many simple forms of manual labor cost competitive with minimum wage workers.  The robot temp agency would own the robots, provide training for the required tasks, handle maintenance and repairs, and maintain best practice strategies for each type of work the robots are engaged in.  The goal would be to provide minimum wage competitive labor with lower employee overhead costs and zero workforce turnover.  The robot temp agency would ’employ’ flexible use industrial robots that are safe to work alongside people without safety cages and can be installed and removed within minutes, with the goal of providing next day labor service for pre-learned tasks and 2 day service for new tasks.  The robot temp agency would also provide engineering services for special automation projects or for interfacing legacy equipment with the robots.



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Weekend Racers

Date of Original Idea:  June 30, 2012

Goat-Cart track.  that’s right, a goat-cart track.  Like a go-cart track but with fewer greenhouse gases and a more animal rights issues.  Easy to create in a few straightforward steps:  Outline a track in recycled tires, hook goats up to wagons, put helmets on the kids, and hire a guy to clean up after the goats.

oh, and build a fence high enough so that people don’t see that you’re serious until after they pay.


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Carnival Hotel

Date of Original Idea: April 10, 2012

There are hotels that are converted this-and-that’s.  Planes, harbor cranes, fallout shelters, wine casks, castles.  How about a bunch of converted carny rides.  All set up inside a big hanger (a converted airplane hanger!).  Vomitproof seats removed and replaced with semi-comfortable bedding, at least as comfortable as possible while retaining the original characteristics of the ride.  Some of the rides would operate in order to be useful, such as the ferris wheel.  Some would operate, but very slowly, such as the carousel or the tilt-a-whirl, and some would stand idle such as roller coasters.

Possible converted rides

  • Ferris wheel
  • Carousel
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • that one that spins and holds you against the wall (would have to operate to keep sleepers from falling over)
  • Bumper cars
  • Tunnel of Love (aka the honeymoon suite)
  • Demon drop type things, have you dangling free

Can get started by watching for deals here.  Although it looks like it’d be cheaper to buy an old Motel 6 and let people sleep in the elevator.

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A Store for Scrooge

Date of Original Idea: Dec 25, 2010

In the story “A Christmas Carol”  old man Scrooge has a change of heart during Christmas Eve and wakes up a new man.  He immediately employs a poor kid who happened to be walking by to buy him a goose and later shows up at his employee’s house bearing gifts.  Where did he get those gifts and where did the boy get that goose?  I don’t know of any store open for such things Christmas morning, and unless your city isn’t endowed with a strong non-Christian commercial base, you probably don’t either.   Imagine how that story would have ended if the impulsive new feelings had to be delayed a day or two, not quite the same ending.

This idea is for a store that is ONLY open on Christmas morning for those newly minted Scrooges don’t need to delay gratification, and the after-last minute shoppers can get the goods.  The store would only sell a few items at respectable markups, but it’s there for you- and who cares about prices anyway when the ghost of Christmas Future scared the crap out of you.  Either buy the $60 goose or get a pack of old baloney at the gas station, your choice.

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6 Under

Date of Original Idea:  Oh so long ago

I was driving along a beautiful lakeside road in the “thumb” of Michigan once and I passed two things that were sandwiched between me and the water.  1) a golf course and 2) a cemetery.  And I thought that it was such a waste to have such a beautiful area, a wonderful view that makes you think it is great to be alive, taken up by dead people who cannot appreciate it.   Somehow my mind went from that to what if we could combine these two vast wastes of space, golf courses and cemeteries? (how inspiration works I will never know).

The details:

  • Picture a regular golf course.  Fairways, tee-boxes, etc…
  • Those that are to rest in piece are cremated and cast into a cylinder with a little plaster-of-paris.  Picture 6″ in diameter and 18 to 24″ in height.
  • The “resting places” are on the edge of the fairway, just before the rough.  A post-hole digger sinks a hole.
  • A funeral is book for 6 or 8 4-somes, depending on the desired length of the service.
  • Several black stretch-golf carts are used.  Classy ones.
  • Ceremony is done, cylinder sunk, family moves on to the wake at the clubhouse.
  • Hole is filled in.  A 6″ marker is set complete with yardage info:

When a surviving family member wants to grieve, they can book a foursome, come through leave flowers at the tee-box.

Guys who like to golf would choose this, as would their wives who hope for visits from their husbands after death.  Every Saturday morning he can leave some flowers and play through.

Additional up-sells could be specific locations on the golf course and wedding/wake combo discounts at the clubhouse.

The name of the place (thanks Gary) is:  6 Under.

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Flag Burning

Date of Original Idea:  some time ago

I see photos on the news of people burning pieces of cloth colored in ways that they think they are burning American, British and Israeli flags.  10 stripes.  18 stars.  Green.  One of the great ironies about these demonstrations is that it doesn’t bother me nor many Americans (though there are many prominent Americans that don’t deal well with freedom of expression) simply because they are doing something that the flag stands for the ability to do, if you can follow that.  What bothers me is that they didn’t get the flag right.  I’m all for self-made stuff, but put a little pride into your work if you know what I mean.  So for those people that want to actually insult the touchy Americans but don’t have time to get the flag right, I want to provide a service.  Cheap, flammable flags.    A global chain of stores that sell American, British and whatever flags current events calls for, all made in China of course.  People can buy as many flags as they’d like and hold huge bonfires.  I’ll take the profits back to fund an anti-flag burning amendment lobby on the logic that if the flag burners think they’re getting people pissed off, they’ll burn more.

The trick is to build stores that themselves don’t burn down.  And to hire employees that don’t torch the merchandise before the store opens.

I just don’t look forward to ironically testifying on Capitol Hill to my Unamerican behaviors (the irony is that I’m selling anything I can for cash, and there’s nothing more American than that)

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Passing Time Productivly

Date of Original Idea: Today

An idea for a business plan:  A combination publishing house and temp agency.  The company hires aspiring writters with talent but who need to put the time in to hone their craft.  They won’t find the time to do it working 9 to 5 busy work.  So instead, this temp agency focuses on jobs where the person is 90% of the time idle.  Night watchmen is a perfect example, but also cell phone store worker in dull periods or parking attendant on Sundays, or so on.  With all the free time on the job, they write.   And the good stories/writters move on while the ones without the talent and drive get placed in jobs where more activity is required.

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