or sometimes just a passing thought.

Thinking Along the Same Rut

Because of the theory of multiples, I’m going to assume that the triple tube was made independently from this idea I published on Sept 9, 2012. Ok, it’s a little different, they are using a pump and I’m envisioning automatic gas distribution that would happen by different weight distribution over the tire.

Plus they’re using “rice-husk ash” instead of my pudding concept.

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Just some housekeeping, these are not the posts you are looking for…

or maybe they are.
Archived status of the site off to some independent location with date stamping. You know, just in case.

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Date of Idea: Today

The idea is to do this again.  Restarting exactly one year after declaring failure on the first attempt.  What has changed, you ask, that this time it will be better?  Have you been laid-off, or learned to live on 3 hours sleep or invented a time machine that can only take you back 3 hours in the past and this is the best application I can find for it?   No, I haven’t been laid off, in fact I’m working more hours now.  No, I still need many hours sleep.  And no, if I had invented such a time machine I could find a much better application for it.   No, I don’t have a good reason for it.  Perhaps I’m continuing to do the same thing with hope of a different outcome.

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Let’s try this….

Date of Idea: Nov 8

One idea per day.  That’s my goal.

The point is not to have great ideas flushed out.  Nor to find something that’s going to get me rich and famous.  But rather, that I get used to delivering things quickly, being happy with 30 minutes of rough work.  It’s about clicking that “Publish” button.

So this is an exercise about delivering concepts for no apparent reason. Getting them out there and not being worried about how exactly right or not right they are.  An exercise at writing.  An exercise at completing, even if only completing a rough draft.

I’ll focus on ideas because, like most people, I have them alot when commuting, sitting in meetings, or exercising.  Then I kick myself later when I see people espousing, selling, and/or receiving government grants for ideas that I have had in the past but didn’t act on it.  But that’s the point isn’t it?  I didn’t act on it.  The reason why I didn’t act on it could have been due to many reasons:

1)  I have a life.  A family, a house and a job in a foreign language that I am still, and will always be, learning

2) I think that the idea is so obvious, that it’s not worth perusing.  It must have been already investigated by people smarter than me.  These are the ideas that when I see them later being perused really get my goat, if I may use that phrase.

3) I want to think it all the way through, research, draw sketches out, etc… before I do anything.  This is the engineer in me, as well as a fear of looking stupid because I forgot some obvious thing like porcupines are allergic to raisins.  This is probably the biggest issue.  I mire the idea down in details that I don’t have the time to deal with in one sitting, and then due to #1 never get around to doing.

  • Will they be original ideas?  Original to me.  Maybe someone else already had it, but if I write it down I had no notion of the previous work.
  • Will these be good ideas?  Hopefully a couple.
  • Will these be researched?  Maybe.  But my goal is less than an hour of work per day on this (see #1).
  • Will these be complete ideas?  Unlikely, but I may go back and edit them as I think more on it.
  • Will it really be one per day?  I’m going to try, but realistically not.  I doubt I will publish while traveling, for example.  But an average of one idea per day, and each idea assigned a specific day (even if generated on another day) goes a long way to making this seem more legit.
  • Will they have a theme? no
  • Can I have one of your ideas? Really?!

So let’s try this.

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