or sometimes just a passing thought.

Time Traveler’s Annual Banquet

Date of Original Idea: Yesterday

Yes, I think an organization such as this would use comic sans.



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Daily Power

Date of Original Idea: Dec 10, 2012

Story idea. Guy gets random superpower daily. Some are cool (flying), some are lousy (immunity to gravity, he wakes up and just floats around all day trying to get to his kitchen while never being sure if he has to pee or not), some are disruptive (demobilizing electronic devices with his touch, but not being able to turn it off, or rather, not having the power long enough to learn to control it), some are not even noticeable (having super memory, but only for the day), some are cool but you have no idea that you have it (being able to breath underwater, but how often do you encounter the need for that?). They come and go with sleep. Maybe they repeat, cause how many new super powers can a creative writer generate. Maybe he gets better at the ones that repeat. When he’s trying to save the world/girl/city he can never really be sure if today is the day or if he waits for tomorrow he’ll be better equipped. He keeps a journal to chart it all out- said journal can fall into the wrong hands. Weaknesses come and go too, so he’s never really sure if he has a weakness or just a bad day. He follows horoscopes and having these powers just reinforces his belief, although they’re still random, and he starts getting heavy into astrology, but that’s just a side story to show that he’s got qwirks– maybe one day he has powers that let him realize that astrology is crap but then the next day cannot remember the logic behind it. He’s not terribly smart, but not stupid either.

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Book Idea: Fake Replies

Date of Original Idea:  Jan 14, 2012

A book of reply letters from celebrities.  The initial letter that was sent to the celebrity is not on hand, only these replies and the reader has to read between the lines about what was initially said, suggested or proposed.  Comedy, naturally, is the goal.


 Dear Mr. Salmiho,

Thank you for the letter dated March 3.  I truly enjoy getting feedback from fans, but as you can imagine the volume of mail I get is quite high so I ask your forgiveness in this reply.  Thank you for the kind words about the poor showing of Mission Impossible 3, I agree that the franchise has been pushed too far, but you never can tell when something will reignite!

To your questions:

1) no, I don’t think it is a good idea.  Your mother has made those rules for a reason and I think you should follow them so long as you continue to live in her house.  Respect your mother.

2) boxers

3) When I’m travelling I do use an assumed name at hotels, and I thank you for the suggestions, but I don’t feel that any of those on the list are either appropriate or respectable.

Well thanks for writing, and please don’t miss Mission Impossible IV, in theaters next June!


Thomas Cruise

But much better than that.


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The World without the Americas

Date of Original Idea:  Today

Story idea, one of those alternate reality/history ones.  This one is that the space where north and south America is just open water.  European explorers found nothing.  The rise and fall of the Spanish and Portuguese empires never happened, including all papal interventions .  France’s huge war expenses of the 17th and 18th century never happened, and therefore the king had cash to keep his people happy and Napoleon busy with menial jobs.  The European wars of the mid 1800s didn’t happen, Germany didn’t unify, didn’t get involved as a unit in WWI, wasn’t fodder for Hitler to rise to power in.  Japan and China were able to keep out the European colonialists, Australia stayed Asian.    What does 2011 look like now?

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Bridge to Teribithia: The Rough Years

Date of Original Idea: Back in Dec

What we need is a sequel to Bridge to Teribithia where that kid is now 28 years old, estranged from his f’d up family, just coming away from yet another failed relationship, cannot hold down a job and always dwelling on the death of that girl.  Having flashbacks over the past 14 years of opportunities lost or decisions poorly made due to fears and guilt from the crappy day.  Somehow he needs to change in the end, learn that it wasn’t his fault, but that cannot happen.  So I have no idea how it should end

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Romantic Comedy Story Concept

This story could fall into the lucrative romantic comedy genre, or maybe just with some added graphic descriptions of glistening members, just a cheap trash novel.  Or maybe it could be an actual news story in the coming years.

Political incumbent is married to girl.  Girl used to date boy, but like long time ago and they haven’t been in contact for that amount of time.  Boy now is running as a grass-roots candidate against the political incumbent, for some righteous reason that the movie buying public will instantly associate hero with him and villain with political incumbent.    Boy learns of girls connection, and of course he still loves her despite his rocky relationship that has been going on for years without any real commitment from him.   Boy and girl have arguments, then hidden dinner but only as friends but get caught by press and it doesn’t look like just friends and causes boy’s girlfriend to leave.  Meanwhile incumbent has affair with some other hooker type woman that crowd will find villainous, perhaps a lobbyist for Baby Seal Hunting or something equally despicable.   That results in her getting divorce and incumbent, who stood on family values, loosing.  Then after the swearing in of the boy to office girl turns up and they have a happy ending full of happy endings.

A twist could be that the politcal incumbant’s lover is boy’s girlfriend.   It would even less believable so might play well on the screen.

Lousy story I know, but when it breaks $40 million on the opening weekend you’ll be envious of my ability to concept this shit.  Or has this one already been made?  I’ve lost track.

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A short story idea

Date of Original Idea:  Couple months ago in a car trip to Paris

A rough idea for a story:

A man goes to sleep in a hotel room and wakes up well refreshed.  Had a great night sleep, puts on his glasses and starts to get ready to attend a business meeting he is traveling for.    But something seems odd.  Packs all his things up, can’t quite put his finger on the problem.  Wanders down to check out and get a receipt (oddly, the quick checkout wasn’t slipped under the door or hanging on the door handle) and the hotel has no record of him staying there.  He and a few other people standing around the front desk.  They all have their stuff and a similar morning but none of them actually checked into this hotel.  They all checked into another one across town, and come to think about it, so did our hero.  They were checked into the Maplethorpe, not the Hyatt Regency.  They go to find their rental cars but they are not in the parking lot.  Together they jump in a cab and go to the hotel they checked in.  When they arrive, the hotel is gone.  The parking lot is still there with their cars.  But the hotel, which stood in the middle of the parking lot is gone and the parking lot is not now larger, or with an empty space, it simply filled in the place where the hotel was, but didn’t get any bigger.  As if the very space that the hotel existed in was deleted and the edges of the remaining space closed in and sealed up.  There were a few other people standing around perplexed.  Some employees, some visitors, a bakery delivery truck.  Our hero wonders how this will go on his expense report, no receipt but probably very likely the charge is already on the credit card.  Should have raided the minibar last night.

After that I don’t know where to go.  Or should it go any further.  Maybe just flush that out, but I don’t think I can get more than another paragraph out of it.  There needs to be more missing buildings or spaces.  Maybe half an airport and a road that is now much shorter.    That’s probably enough for an ABC TV drama, but that’s not good enough.

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