or sometimes just a passing thought.

Second Hand Smoke Alarm

This is an idea for a very annoying alarm to alert people to the presence of second hand smoke.  Comes with earplugs for the user.

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Smartphone Supplemental Warning System

As smartphone usages increases so does the risk of injuries related to distracted walking.  Idea for a pop-up warning based on detection of hazards…How?  Radar, blue-tooth, wifi, near field comm, rfid, visual?

Look Out!!

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Google Glass Application – Language Trainer

Idea for an application that overlays the name of all objects in view in languages of your choice.

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Google Glass Application – Diet Trainer

Idea for an application that overlays calorie information on all food objects in view.

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Google Glass Application – Price is Right Trainer.

Idea for an application that overlays price information on all objects in view.

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Google Glass Application – Beer Googles

Idea for an application that overlays the present image with a more attractive view.

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Theme Park Ride Idea – Blind

Blindfolded participants navigate a large empty smooth surface. The participants wear headphones with position/orientation sensors and a computer system generates a realistic acoustic image of a city scape. Participants must navigate construction sites, busy streets, wild animals, and open sewers without visual input. Overhead fans, water misters, and, scent generators would be used to enhance the experience.

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The Book of the Month Church

The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has increased from 15% to 20%  in the past 5 years alone (source Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life).  The religiously unaffiliated now make up the fastest growing ‘religious’ group in America and represents a younger demographic than traditional religions.  In order to tap into this market, I propose a non-religion church.  The church would  serve to build communities, offers fellowship, and do many of the charitable things a traditional church does, but without the focus on money, power, politics or religion.    Instead of being based on the teachings of the bible, sermons would be based on topics found in any fictional book written by a deceased author.  Each month would focus on a different author or book and well known songs would be used as hymns which tie into the topic.  Show tunes would be encouraged.  Cheese would be served with crackers during snack time.  The intent would be a family friendly alternative to church with wedding’s ceremonies performed on Saturdays.

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Thanks, I got it

Date of Original Idea: Today

We need a socially recognized and accepted signal to indicate to someone that whatever he or she is explaining is already understood by the listener.  By making the signal, the speaker is politely informed that they can move on to the next subject or just plain stop talking, without feeling insulted or interrupted.

I find that a good deal of my working life and also a great deal of my interactions with other people is spent listening to people explain in detail things that I already know.  Similar to some standard clause about cancellations that someone at the airline must tell you every time you call, regardless of how many times you’ve booked this month already.  I don’t mean to sound conceited, like I already know everything, and trying not to be so is one of the reasons why I get caught so often in these situations.  I usually give the benefit of the doubt that if someone is going through the trouble of formulating concepts and drawing little pictures that they are telling me something new, however I am often disappointed and find myself confused as to why someone is explaining something to begin with.   Am I missing the point?  No they just want to tell me stuff, to instruct and inform.  They are usually friendly about it, but are not keyed into the little clues I’m giving out to try and expedite the discussion, such as saying “understood” or “I got all this”.  I could use a little signal like crossing my arms in an “X” or sticking a finger in an ear or something subtle but not so subtle as to be missed.

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