or sometimes just a passing thought.


Date of Original Idea: few months ago, I sat on this one awhile

The commute getting you down?
Stop, go, honk, stop, go honk?
Have to zig-zag all over town and traffic, when the crow can fly straight there?

Well make like a crow and dial Drone2Work. Clip on your easy Clip-On-Harness, grab your briefcase, and wait on your front lawn. The drone will appear at the scheduled time, hook on to your harness, and lift off! Ready to come home? Just put the harness back on and head outside. Our handy web interface and optional app lets you change schedules or plans (subject to drone availability). With a 30 minute flight time at full load, it can take you home or not to home, if you get our drift.

Act now and we’ll include more apps! It has to be good, we have an app for it!

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Date of Idea:  Back in the summer when electric bikes were out front of the bike shop.

Electric cars are, in popular press, better than non-electric cars.  Electric bikes are marketed much the same.  The next logical step is of course, electric shoes.

A small motor with a cam built into the hell that rotates to help push off the ground for you.  Regen capable either by capturing your heel-strike or with a sole that allows you to slide forward a bit spinning the motor through a linkage while going down hill.   Batteries are packaged on the top of the foot, additional batteries can be strapped to the leg or waist for longer treks.  Lights on for safety at night.

Think globally, act locally.

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