or sometimes just a passing thought.

Towards a Grand Unified Theory

Date of Original Idea: June 9, 2013 (a couple days ago, I’ve been lazy with this stuff)

Concept for Star Wars Episode 7

    [open on the last few moments of Jedi. Ewoks dancing, Leia with long hair, the ghost of the real Anikain Skywalker glowing proudly).]

    [Screen fades. Fuzzy, soft, blury, starts to refocus on the sleeping face of a man. He’s waking from a dream in a modern day apartment. Looks at clock, sighs and get’s up.]

    [The man stands, we see Keanu Reeves pulling himself out of bed, brushing his teeth, making his way to work]

    [work setting, the office from the first few minutes of The Matrix. It’s the day before all that stuff goes down. Some mindless stuff about taxation, trade routes, Agent Smith makes a few appearances as various characters to make us all say “oh I know him, he he”. Generally boring bridge movie]

Like Eps 1-3 people will see it whether it is good or not. Like Alien/Predator we can meld these storylines together. I figure in another couple years Star Wars/Matrix can be quickly melded with Alien/Predator and various other scifi, while Harry Potter can be the nucleus for Fantasy, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days the nucleus for RomComs. In 100 years, if we bear down on this, we could have a grand unified story line.

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The Book of the Month Church

The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has increased from 15% to 20%  in the past 5 years alone (source Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life).  The religiously unaffiliated now make up the fastest growing ‘religious’ group in America and represents a younger demographic than traditional religions.  In order to tap into this market, I propose a non-religion church.  The church would  serve to build communities, offers fellowship, and do many of the charitable things a traditional church does, but without the focus on money, power, politics or religion.    Instead of being based on the teachings of the bible, sermons would be based on topics found in any fictional book written by a deceased author.  Each month would focus on a different author or book and well known songs would be used as hymns which tie into the topic.  Show tunes would be encouraged.  Cheese would be served with crackers during snack time.  The intent would be a family friendly alternative to church with wedding’s ceremonies performed on Saturdays.

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Daily Commute Podcast

Date of Original Idea: Nov 27, 2012

A podcast that is simply the recording from inside my car during my commute, to and from work.  Published daily.  People can download and hear me listening to other podcasts, or singing along to some 80s classics, maybe practicing my German accent by repeating the news radio, or if the conditions are right and there are no active speed limits on the autobahn (and I still have my Golf GTD) you can hear me laughing manically and cursing various vehicles that won’t get out of my way.

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Kitty Cannon

Date of Original Idea: One night where the cat wouldn’t let me sleep

The title is quite descriptive.  A cannon that you can load a cat into and launch it into another neighborhood.

The trick is to calibrate the angle and launch power to get the cat far enough away that he doesn’t come back until breakfast time, but not so far that he doesn’t come back at all, cause that would be cruel.

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Bridge to Teribithia: The Rough Years

Date of Original Idea: Back in Dec

What we need is a sequel to Bridge to Teribithia where that kid is now 28 years old, estranged from his f’d up family, just coming away from yet another failed relationship, cannot hold down a job and always dwelling on the death of that girl.  Having flashbacks over the past 14 years of opportunities lost or decisions poorly made due to fears and guilt from the crappy day.  Somehow he needs to change in the end, learn that it wasn’t his fault, but that cannot happen.  So I have no idea how it should end

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Muscial Critique

Original date of idea: Today

Bon Jovi’s “You give love a bad name” would be better with a drum solo.

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