or sometimes just a passing thought.


Date of Original Idea: June 10, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles (PAV), or maybe Post-Apocalyptic Crossovers (PAX). The SUV for the post-apocalyptic world. This is the next vehicle class that will be popular with huge dealer markups possible. Think Mad Max with a windshield. The cars have all sorts of features that will help it after the polar shift rips our world asunder: diesel engines that will run on anything, chicken wire over the quote/unquote windows, mounts for various weapons, harpoons, and winches. The most popular package is the “Drive it now” package which offers all the necessary bits (exhaust systems, air bags, etc…) that are required to be street legal today, but can be easily popped off when the time comes to make your own legal.

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Burrito Printer

Date of Original Idea: Sept 8, 2012

They’re 3-d printing everything now.  cars, houses, candy, cats (I read it online I think).  So why not Burritos?  A machine pulls the shell from the storage bin and then proceeds to dispense other ingredients all according to a very detailed order sheet.  The calories can be accurately counted (cause people eating Burritos are generally pretty calorie conscious right?) and the ingredients will be put in the RIGHT PLACE in the RIGHT ORDER.    Then it gets shoved off for cooking.

It could be used for other tortilla based foods as well: soft tacos, gorditos, etc.  or combined with a nacho arranging machine (you know, a machine that puts the nachos in the RIGHT ORDER into the RIGHT PATTERN to hold the cheese).


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enough with the pee

Date of Original Idea:  Today

No more ideas involving pee.  At least for awhile.

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Date of Original Idea: Today

Peanut butter perfume

Says it all.

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Post Office Help

Date of Original Idea: Today

Ok, it’s almost not completely my idea.  Some guy says as much in this article here.  But he was saying it like it would be ridiculous if USPS sold advertising that got slapped to your letters and/or packages.  Sort of sneaking the junk mail into the “keep” pile at home.  A small sticker on the back side of a letter or the side of a box would get some bad press at first, but it wouldn’t do any real harm so people would ignore than.  Then later you can build up to larger ads without much hassle.

Of course, it still requires that something of value is being sent through the mail to begin with….ad stickers on junk mail just weighs down the recycling bin.

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USB Rechargeable Electric Car

Date of Original Idea: Today

The title says it all.  Instead of bulky cables and inconvienent locations, you can just plug your car into your laptop with a nice slim cable.  Sure it might take longer to charge, but if you put the charging cable in the cabin of the car you could charge while you’re driving.  You wouldn’t have to stop until the laptop battery was also dead. Of course, there are power limitations on the amount of current through a USB connection so you might need to have more than one cable.  And laptop batteries are small so maybe more than one laptop.  I envision a cable that plugs into the car on one side with a hole bunch of USB connectors on the other side.  Then a trailer full of laptops if need be.

It probably won’t not work well, but the photos of the prototype and the stories of the manager who wanted it made would be priceless.

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