or sometimes just a passing thought.

Wendys In Space

Date of Original Idea: Jan 5, 2004 (I just came across these letters)

Excuse the formatting, spelling, and grammar, that was part of the “Terry Experience”.

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Powertrain Fun

If you boil it down, the fun one can have with a car depends mostly on your transmission. Electric, gasoline, doesn’t matter, it’s that torque ratio and your ability to control it.

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Tomorrow’s Tomorrowland

Date of Original Idea: Today

I woke up with the title of this post in my head, I like it, I don’t know exactly what to do with it.

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Cause and Effect

Date of Original Idea: just now!

The recent “rise in shark attacks” can be explained in the same was as the semi-recent increase, but thankfully more-recent decrease, in sightings of Real Housewife wanna-be’s around town: there was alot of attention on “Real Housewives”, for shocking-can’t-look-away reasons, which made all sorts of people think it was fashionable. The decade long obsession with Shark Week activities have encouraged sharks looking for their 15 minutes of fame to also appear. Once we stopped looking at the real housewives, they went away. Stop watching all those shows people, lives are depending on it. It’s like Donald Trump, if you don’t pay him any attention, he’ll just go away.

I may be assuming more about the sharks’ access to basic cable than is really there, but you know I’m right about the Donald.

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Greek Olympics 4evar!

Date of Original Idea: Oh, a while ago when I learned how much cities spend on hosting the olympic games, but also after seeing some news about one of the Greek bailouts. (but I just finally typed it up for a comment somewhere else out in the internets and thought to leave it here)

Find a nice chunk of land in Greece and sell it to the international olympic committee for, mmm, say, 70 Billion Euro. IOC can build a bunch of stadiums, hotels, and other venues, plus some transportation connections, and ring it with security and whatnot, and every 4 years hold the olympics there. After 2 or 3 olympic games it will have paid for itself- the savings going to the cities that would have spent on hosting the games, it would allow the IOC to do their security thing without imposing on residents of some innocent city, and it would provide Greece with a nice one-time boost and an every-four-year tourism boost.

Win, win, win!

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History repeats?

Date of Original Idea: July 22, 2015

Elon Musk is the Thomas Edison of our day.

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Date of Original Idea: June 10, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles (PAV), or maybe Post-Apocalyptic Crossovers (PAX). The SUV for the post-apocalyptic world. This is the next vehicle class that will be popular with huge dealer markups possible. Think Mad Max with a windshield. The cars have all sorts of features that will help it after the polar shift rips our world asunder: diesel engines that will run on anything, chicken wire over the quote/unquote windows, mounts for various weapons, harpoons, and winches. The most popular package is the “Drive it now” package which offers all the necessary bits (exhaust systems, air bags, etc…) that are required to be street legal today, but can be easily popped off when the time comes to make your own legal.

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Party Phone 2000

Date of Original Idea: Yesterday

A smart phone app that simulates the party phone of yesteryear. You pick up to dial and there is already a conversation going on. Or you’re chatting with a friend when Ms. Kravince picks up and tells you she needs to call Alan before he leaves work.

It would be best if it randomly assigned the groups of each party, and it changed every so often. You can sell it parallel under “random connection failure” type apps as well.

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Vested Interests

Date of Original Idea Thought: Today

Self driving cars will never be the mainstream. There are too many vested interests that stand to loose alot of money if cars drove flawlessly and avoided accidents. Many many lawyers will be out of a job cash stream.

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More than 5

Date of Original Idea: a couple weeks ago

Did you know that there are more than 5 senses?

  • Sense of impending doom
  • Sense of impending work
  • Sense of being BS’d
  • Sense of (upcoming) wasted effort
  • Sense of being ignored
  • Sense of talking past each other
  • Sense of over-complexity
  • Sense that this has been done before
  • Sense that this could be done easier
  • Sense that someone is cool
  • Sense that you are not
  • Sense that this isn’t going anywhere
  • I’m going to make a bingo card for my daily job.

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